Sunday, July 29, 2007

LaCour workshop - epilogue

© 2007 Gry Karen Rick - Woodward + Rick Photographers
Erin + Mark - Dancers extraordinaire! Image by Gry Karen Rick

© 2007 LaCour
Image © 2007 LaCour - The Class of July 07!

© 2007 Gry Karen Rick - Woodward + Rick Photographers
photographer frenzy at an eight of a second! Image by Gry Karen Rick

© 2007 Woodward + Rick Photographers
The lovely and talented Patrick Williams

Our trip last week to the LaCour "Business of Storytelling Workshop" was an amazing experience! Gry and I are energized and have a much clearer vision for the next chapter of Woodward + Rick Photographers!

To start the trip, we drove down to Atlanta and we were accompanied by Corey McNabb from Asheville. We had a great time getting to know Corey, what a great guy and a very talented photographer! We look forward to getting to know Corey and his wife Jill much better in the weeks, months and years to come!

We met some other wonderful and talented photographers there as well as getting to know Andrew, Rachel, Erin and Mark better. Just an incredible energy and passion these four bring to our profession. And they are so willing to share their knowledge and experience with no strings attached. . .just a genuine desire to help others become better image makers and in the process, better people. Hats off to all four of you and thanks again!

And thanks to Patrick Williams and LaCour for bringing Flashes of Hope to our attention. This is an organization that brings photographers and critically, and in most cases terminally, ill children together to create portraits for them and their families. As parents, this really resonated deeply with us and we will contact them this week to offer our support and services. As image makers we often don't realize the power and potential of the images we create to do good. We encourage every photographer to give back, even if just an hour or two each month, to your communities.

Brian + Gry

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Friday, July 20, 2007

My new favorite image!

Just a quick note then off to a wedding and then 4 days in Atlanta with the good folks of LaCour to attend their "Business of Storytelling" Seminar. Gry and I are both going and we are looking forward to getting to know Andrew, Mark, Erin and Rachel better, meet some new friends and energize our business!

Before we go though, I just wanted to post this image from a recent wedding we shot in Cashiers, North Carolina. Anne Fair Hart and Jim Woodward (great last name!) were married on June 23rd at a small church in Cashiers with the reception at the beautiful Country Club of Sapphire Valley. They were so much fun! This image is Anne Fair and her dad, Bob Hart, during their Father-Daughter dance. They look so happy and in the moment and that's Jim behind them, in the moment with them. You can also see a slideshow of their wedding on our website, . Just click on slideshows and scroll to the Hart-Woodward wedding. . .no password required!

Have a great weekend!

Brian + Gry

Woodward + Rick Photographers

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Our 8th Anniversary!!

Whew! June was a busy, busy month with NINE weddings and almost all of them out of town events. Now we're just going through the thousands of images and staying tied to the computers!

We did have a big event on July 2nd. . .our 8th anniversary! We celebrated with a quiet day with Sara and then a nice dinner with just Gry and I at the Blackwater Grille right here in Hendersonville. It was wonderful!! We've been wanting to try it for quite some time and this seemed like a good occasion. They are the Carolina's original Appalachian Grille, serving an upscale chef-inspired Southern Highland Cuisine. Delish!!

Here's a couple of family images from the weekend. Ladies, you'll recognize the color of the box. . .Gry has acquired an affinity for all things Tiffany. . .my achin' wallet! And I fancy myself a quasi chef (although if you had the fried chicken I prepared last week you'd have serious doubts!) so my lovely wife gave me another addition to my cookware collection, a way cool All-Clad saucier! Truly the best cookware you can use. . .brides take note!

Hangin' at the pool with Dad.

Guys! You can't go wrong with the blue box!

My lovely wife and daughter!

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