Monday, August 27, 2007

Tagged: 8 Things You Might Not Know About Brian + Gry

We were "tagged" by our friend Erin Reed to tell "8 things about ourselves that you might not know about me". Since there is two of us we did 4 apiece. . .and awaaaaay we go:

4 Brian things:

1. I was an Air Force brat and lived in 7 different states by the time I was 12 years old! It was great getting to see many different parts of the country but kinda hard always being "the new kid".

2. I worked on the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center for almost 18 years. 14 of those years I was a rocket mechanic/team leader working on the twin Solid Rocket Motors for the Space Shuttle. I worked at the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) and at the launch pads and got to meet Tom Hanks when they filmed Apollo 13 there! The other 4 years I worked in HR after completing my first B.S. degree in Legal Studies. For some reason I thought it would be cool to wear a suit and practice law but the company I worked for made me an offer I couldn't refuse. . .a 34% pay increase and an air conditioned office! When our company lost the Shuttle processing contract I took the money and ran to pursue my lifelong passion, doing photography.

3. I am a cook. Almost went to the Culinary Institute of America to become a chef but got sidetracked by #2 above. Still, cooking is still a great joy for me and most of the time for my family. . .most of the time the dishes turn out well but on occasion, well. . .let's just say even the dogs passed on a portion!

4. I LOVE being a father!! (Some of you who know me may have guessed this already ;) It is by far the most enjoyable, challenging, loving, infuriating, wonderful and rewarding experience a man can have. Guys, there will always be an excuse NOT to have children but once you do your life will change in wonderful ways you can not imagine. And heck, it's never too late. . .we had Sara when I was 42!

4a) (I'm buyin' a Harley!!)

4 Gry things:

1. I have never broken a bone or have had stitches. Did I just jinx myself?

2. My earliest and favorite memories of my childhood come from the time my mother and I (5 years old) spent 3 months in Arosa, Switzerland while she studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi. It was a magical place that I love to recall. I remember hunting for colossal snails and the sound of cow bells ringing through the mountains...

3. My first brush with the law happened when I was busted riding my go cart on the campus of Ferris State at the tender age of 11.

4. My hero and favorite person to travel with is my mom, Asbjorg Hansen. She and I have explored exotic places like the islands of Java and Bali, Indonesia; Cape Town, South Africa and her home island of Lofoten, Norway (north of the Arctic Circle) as well as some really boring places like Big Rapids, Michigan. She inspires me to be the woman I want to be.

We tag: Patrick Williams, Parker J, Andrew Niesen, Wendi Poole, Paul Crouse, Katie Damien


Blogger LaCour said...

OK, Gry, I have to meet your mom now. She sounds like a fascinating woman! You are such a lovely, kind and peaceful person... You must have gotten it from her. And Brian, thanks for the advice to all the future fathers out there (my man included). You and Gry certainly make parenthood seem very rewarding.

Love to you both,

10:47 AM, August 28, 2007  
Blogger Katie said...

Everyone already knows everything about me. It's already there in my blog.

...I've never broken any bones either.


11:14 PM, August 28, 2007  

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